Vegan Travel

 We are thrilled to have discovered Vegan Travel, who feature vegan-friendly river and ocean cruises. These cruises tend to feature modestly sized boats that offer a more intimate connection with the landscapes through which they quietly pass.

These cruises are just dreamy and and we think you will find them deeply compatible with peaceful and enlightened travel.

November 4-11, 2022

Rhone River – Southern France

Southern France in autumn. Golden leaves, crisp mornings, olive groves, cypress hedges, and steep cliffs meet the shores of the Rhone. The Provence and Camargue regions of Southern France draw you in and you will find the easy going way of life and the picture-perfect light, revered by artists throughout the ages, irresistible.

Tranquil afternoons in the shade of ancient buildings, evenings under the starlit sky. The way of life on board becomes more relaxed and more joyous with each day. Many have attempted to harness this inspiring atmosphere. The Burgundy winemakers, with their rustic French flair, capture the taste of the wines, the sun, and the earth in their bottles. The Perfumers take the scent of the provincial lavender flowers and press them into luxurious essences, and the Chefs on board, use the aromas of the Mediterranean herbs to bring out the best in their vegan creations.

It is the artists however, who have been most impressive of all in replicating the atmosphere: Van Gogh, Chagall, and many others have brought to life the golden light and the magical colors on their canvases to produce world renowned and loved works of art.

Drifting through this diverse countryside on our Vegan River Cruise is probably the most peaceful way to collect memories and build impressions.

Februray 13-24, 2023

The Wild Amazon

The Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest and home to millions of unique species.
 You will experience an unforgettable trip to through some of the most pristine habitats, witness a diverse group of wildlife, visit local villages to learn about the Amazon’s environment.

This 12-day cruise is for those seeking a vegan adventure rich with wildlife. An 
opportunity to witness and explore the beauty of the world’s most pristine rainforest.
This vegan voyage into the Wild Amazon explores some of the most essential areas to
 observe the wildlife and culture of the rainforest.

Our journey ventures into both the Rio Negro and the Amazon River. This is a true expedition voyage and we explore the wilderness in some of the most 
untouched rainforests in all of the Amazon. We venture far up the least inhabited major river in the Amazon Basin on our brand new expedition vessel, the La Jangada.

The Rio Negro is a major river system and largest left-tributary to the mighty Amazon River, and an ideal river for small ship cruising. The river is navigable for more than 430 miles to its source high in the watershed of the Orinoco and Amazon Basins. Encompassing a large part of the Rio Negro, the Central Amazon Conservation Complex makes up the largest protected area in the Amazon Basin (over 6 million hectares) and is one of the planet’s richest regions in terms of biodiversity.

This cruise is one of the most thorough, detailed, and sophisticated trips offered in the entire Amazon archipelago. Our guides are award-winning naturalists and we will see creatures only a very few other travelers ever see. The size of the ship enables us to visit places that have not changed for millions of years.