Costa Rica

Terms & Conditions

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By filling out & signing our registration form, along with making a deposit, you have joined our tour and you agree to the following terms and conditions.  

Your signature on the Registration Form serves as a release of liability, holding Pickleball Costa Rica (i.e. Tony and Celeste Horpel), harmless, and/or any cooperating agents/partners and your complete assumption of all risks. By signing the Registration Form you are agreeing to all of the Terms & Conditions below. 

Booking a Tour
  • Choose the tour you wish to participate in.
  • Fill out the registration form by clicking the RED “Register for Tour” button.
  • Place a deposit

$500 Deposit. Deposits are non-refundable.

FInal Balance

The final balance is due 60 days prior to the tour start date.


If you cancel your trip, you must cancel in writing, by email ( Please also call us, (509) 214-2451 or (509)435-6435. This back-up will insure that your email hasn’t vanished into cyberspace.

Your deposit of $500 is non-refundable, however, we can apply it to another tour in the future.

If you have paid your final payment at the 60 day deadline and then need to cancel, a partial refund might be available depending on prior commitments to our vendors. You will be subject to your spot on our tour being canceled for failing to pay the final balance by the due date.

Booking a Tour on a Short Notice

You may join our tour at any time.  Please contact us to make certain there is still space on the tour before you pay.  Payment must be made in full at the time of booking if you are joining 2 months or less prior to the start date of the tour.

Your Responsibilities

You must have a passport to enter Costa Rica. Please bring that, along with a copy of your passport (keep it in your carry-on baggage, not your checked bag), and that will be carried with you visiting Costa Rica. You must have at least 6 months remaining before your passport expiration date. Example; If you will be returning to your country of origin on January 30, 2018, you must still have 6 months time on your passport PAST that date. So the expiration date of your passport would need to be July 30, 2018. Costa Rica takes this very seriously. If you don’t follow this rule, they will not let you into the country.

Travel Insurance


  • Travel insurance helps to minimize the risk of monetary losses you would incur in the event of cancellation of your trip because of a myriad of situations beyond your or our control. For example, airline delays or cancellations, missed connections, airline strikes, etc., your inability to travel for reasons such as illness, injury, unforeseen financial complications or other personal circumstances, or if you were required to cut your trip short for any reason.
  • Please make certain that you choose your insurance carefully, including all of the items in the paragraph below that should be covered. This is a foreign country and the weather and roads are very different than those in the USA and Canada. Insurance is important. It will cover your expenses for unforeseen circumstances or if you or we must cancel the trip for any reason.
  • If you choose to cover yourself and your trip, purchase at least $50,000 per person in Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation that is valid overseas. It should cover medical and dental emergencies, death, medical evacuation/repatriation, cover airfare, (domestic and International), due to missed connections, missed flights, flight cancellations, lost or stolen luggage, trip cancellation (covering your tour price), and insurance to cover your camera equipment, laptop, etc. This insurance is fairly inexpensive.
Helpful Hints
  • Make a list of each item of camera gear, etc, and their serial #’s and keep them in your carry-on luggage, (but not in your camera gear bag.) In case of missing luggage, we can secure transportation in order to deliver the baggage to where ever the clients are staying, but the cost of the transfer must be paid by the client, or arranged by the client with the airline directly.
  • We use hotels that are known for lack of theft, but people are people, and you never know! We do take as many steps as possible to secure your belongings…ours are there too!
  • If you plan to use a credit card or ATM in Costa Rica, contact your credit card company or bank to inform them of your travel dates.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to make all of their connection and check in times on time. Pickleball Costa Rica assumes no liability for a customer arriving late or “no showing” due to any problem or reason. If, for any reason you are late arriving to a tour, it will be your responsibility to meet up with the group if we have started on the tour. You will be expected to arrange and pay for your own way until you arrive at our location.
Transporting your own Baggage
  • Baggage and equipment is at the owners risk entirely, and it is the owner’s responsibility to make arrangements to transport their baggage and have it arrive at the proper destination. PBCR assumes no liability for lost or damaged baggage whether on an airplane (Domstic or International), or in a vehicle of transport in Costa Rica.
Medical, Health, and Insurance
  • Customers with existing medical conditions should make them known to Pickleball Costa Rica in the “comments” box on the registration form, when booking any trip package. Given that clients may be, at some time during their trip, in some of the most remote places in Costa Rica, under certain circumstances, evacuation could be prolonged, difficult, and expensive. Clients should take special care for any such conditions prior to coming to Costa Rica. Hospital facilities can be found throughout Costa Rica and their medical services are excellent however, again, we strongly recommend that all clients purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy that also includes medical, dental, accident, emergency evacuation, & repatriation prior to coming to Costa Rica.
  • In case of accident or illness in which medical attention is required, we will facilitate the contacts with emergency rooms and specialists. We carry with us hospital and emergency numbers of the areas in which we travel. We will help the clients with transportation when required. The client will cover the cost of those extra services.
  • The participant waives any claim against Pickleball Costa Rica and/or any cooperating agents/partners for any such loss, damage, injury, or death. You further agree that if you are injured or become ill, PBCR, may, at your cost, arrange or supply medical treatment, evacuation or any other emergency services on your behalf as we deem necessary or appropriate for your safety and well being.
  • In case of accident or medical emergency, we will help in contacting the client’s insurance company in advance via e-mail and obtaining the documentation necessary for the insurance claim, including doctors’ diagnosis, exam results and prescriptions, all in English.
  • To enjoy the tour as intended, a higher level of fitness is required. By registering for this tour you certify that you do not have any physical limitation or other condition, physical or mental, that would create a risk for yourself or other participants. By attending this trip, you agree that Pickleball Costa Rica is not responsible for any health conditions, injuries, or accidents that occur while playing Pickleball. You and your personal doctor know your physical limits. Please discuss this with your doctor before this trip if you are unsure. By signing up for this trip, you assume all risks and hazards incidental to the game and for any injury or death that may occur to you, and waive all claims against us.
  • Pickleball Costa Rica will not be held responsible for the removal of a participant from the tour due to unacceptable behavior, nor will we refund any money. We ask our participants to act respectfully around anyone, no matter what the situation.

    We reserve the right at our discretion to remove any participant from a tour, at the participant’s expense, if he/she is somehow;

    • impacting the enjoyment of other participants on the trip,
    • found to be participating in anything illegal in the country of Costa Rica,
    • consistently rude or obnoxious to fellow participants or to service providers,
    • behaving in a way is a hazard to themselves or others, or makes the other participants feel unsafe.

    Please do not make insulting comments around the local people. Many people speak enough English to at least understand what you are saying.

    By signing this form and, paying for this trip, you acknowledge that your physical and mental health are good. You are responsible for being considerate and gracious to other participants on our tour, to service providers and local people in all locations throughout Costa Rica. 

Disaster/ Accidents/ Cancellation/ Liability
  • Pickleball Costa Rica, (i.e. Tony and Celeste Horpel) A.K.A. (PBCR) are not liable for any consequences as a result of any weather situation, natural catastrophes, war, political confrontation, riots, unrest, or other act of God which may occur here, or anywhere in the world that might impact our tour in Costa Rica. PBCR is not liable for any events over which we do not have direct control, may alter or influence. PBCR has the right to cancel any trip prior to departure if we feel it is in the best interest of the trip or for the safety of our participants. PBCR cannot control, nor is responsible, for road closures or major delays leading to our destination, hotel closures or activity cancellations that might affect us on our trip. National Parks, hotels, and activity venues have the right to change their, (and thus our) itinerary. We reserve the right to cancel certain hotels, portions of our trip, change locations or activities due to reasons beyond our control. Many reservations for these venues have been paid in advance. PBCR is not responsible for any costs or expenses and will not refund any trip payments, nor are we liable for any other trip preparation expenses, including air tickets, visas, medical expenses or any other costs incurred in changing a trip because of situations beyond our control.


  • Pickleball Costa Rica, (i.e., Tony and Celeste Horpel),AKA PBCR and/or their agents are acting only as agents for the participant with respect to travel, including, but not limited to sightseeing, meals, lodge transportation and all other services whether by motorcar, motor coach, van, boat, aircraft or any other form of transportation and we assume no liability for any loss, damage, injury, death, accident, delay or other event which may happen either by reason of defect in any vehicle or transport, or for any other reason whatsoever or through the acts or omissions of any company or persons engaged in conveying the passenger in any way in conjunction with the trip.
  • Pickleball Costa Rica will assume no liability for losses or additional expenses due to any act, error, omission, injury, accident, illness, loss, delay, mishap, or damage to persons or property arising from any cause, or expenses thereof associated with your trip participation or in transit thereto or there from. We are not liable for incidents, material loss or damage, death, personal injuries or traumas of any kind caused by negligence, chance, and misfortune or “by the hand of God.”
  • We do accept full responsibility for any problems caused by our own negligence in the handling of pre-payments, reservations, local flights, information, vouchers, and land transfers.
  • PBCR has the best interest of our participants in mind, and we will do everything possible to ensure your safety, comfort, and feeling of well-being in every aspect of our trip.
Change of Trip Leaders
  • It is our intent and desire to be on the trip to enjoy our guests. However, PBCR reserves the right to substitute trip leaders from those originally specified and to accept or retain any person as a member of any trip in case of major illness, death, or catastrophe in our family so the trip can continue as planned.
Additional Expenses to Client
  • PBCR is not liable for losses or additional expenses due to delays or changes in travel schedules, sickness, weather, strike, war or other causes. All such losses or expenses will be borne by the participant. If we are unable to arrive at a certain destination, whether it be for a specific tour, or to stay overnight in a hotel, we are not liable for the cost of said tour or the cost of relocating to another hotel.
One Guest Over Limit
  • PBCR has the right to add up to 1 guest over maximum to a tour. This is sometimes needed to accommodate a couple or find a room mate for a single guest.
Flight Mishaps

Pickleball Costa Rica is not responsible for incidents that happen on international or local airlines such as missing luggage, delayed flights, schedule changes and missed connections. If you are on a flight that has been delayed, making you unable to arrive at our tour departure time, you will need to obtain your own transportation to our location.

  • PBCR is not liable for any material damage or loss, death, injuries or traumas resulting from accidents during the trip. This includes accidents taking place in the hotels and caused by deficient infrastructure and signage, poor lighting, or maintenance problems. 
  • This is not the USA.  Please realize that things can sometimes be done differently in a foreign countries that we tourists don’t think highly of…or misunderstand.  Please come to us before you speak with the management or employee to complain about something you experienced.  We want to diffuse any situations that might cause us to appear to be “The ugly American”.
Accidents During Activities
  • We are not liable for any injury occurring during this tour, such as playing pickleball, an injury on a tour scheduled by PBCR, or an (optional) activity/tour scheduled by the participant, such as: pickleball, hiking, rock climbing, rappelling, tree climbing, canopy tours, white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, boat rides, snorkeling, scuba-diving, fishing, surfing, windsurfing, boogie boarding, swimming in rivers, lakes, ocean or swimming pools, trekking, horseback riding, biking, parasailing, and any other manner of sports you participate in during your own optional time.
Liability in Transport Vehicles
  • PBCR is not liable for accidents caused by the use of motor vehicles of any kind, including: Cars, buses, vans, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, & four-wheelers.
Theft Liability
  • Although we are careful to select hotels and other providers known for their good reputation in caring for the safety of our clients, our company takes no responsibility for documents or valuables (including photographic and computer equipment) that are lost or stolen, whatever the circumstances.


  • We will help the clients to present claims, police and insurance reports and to cancel credit cards and obtain new passports and airline tickets. We will not charge for any assistance in this matter, but clients must be aware that they must cover penalties, extra charges and transportation fees.
Medical Liability
  • We are not liable for situations caused by wild or domestic animals and insects, allergies and/or other reactions produced by local flora, fauna or environmental circumstances, weather conditions and any other problems caused by heat strokes, over exercise, overexposure to the sun, drowning, or problems arising from food or water.
Water & Electricity Outages
  • We cannot take responsibility for inconveniences resulting from problems with the electric power service or water supplies, as well as delays or mishaps as a result of weather conditions.
Prices May Change
  • So far, this has not happened, but participants must know that our tours are planned over a year in advance. Trip prices are based on tariffs and exchange rates in effect at the time the trip is planned and advertised, and said trip prices may be subject to adjustment in the event of any changes effecting price. If the hotel or other services, airlines, van rentals, park entrance fees, tours within Costa Rica, etc., prices change as the tour date nears, we reserve the right to raise the price accordingly, with notice, as soon as we receive notice. This raise in tour price, beyond our control, does not allow for cancellations.
Attorney Fees
  • Should PBCR or its assigns be required to incur attorney fees or costs required in enforcing this agreement, or defending against terms in this agreement, the trip participant agrees to indemnify and hold PBCR harmless for all such fees and costs.
21 Years Old
  • By registering for a clinic/tour, you agree that you are 21 years or age or older, and that you have carefully read, fully understand and agree to all the contents of the Terms and Conditions listed above.  Anyone under the age of  21 must be accompanied by an adult.
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  • By registering for a clinic/tour, you agree that you are 21 years or age or older, and that you have carefully read, fully understand and agree to all the contents of the Terms and Conditions listed above.  Anyone under the age of  21 must be accompanied by an adult.
Use of Tour Photos For Promotional Purposes
  • Pickleball Costa Rica reserves the right and has permission to use photographs/video of tour participants during our trip and to use them in advertising and publicity for future tours. We will be glad to provide you with any images or video we use. If you do not feel comfortable with your photo being used for advertising, you will need to let us know in the “comments” section of our registration form. In that case, consider that you will not be included in the fun group shots.
  • We also have the right to use photos under the category labeled, “Tour Participants’ Photo Gallery” if they submit them for the gallery. Future participants enjoy seeing what our guests capture.
Smoking Policy
  • Smoking is not permitted at any time during the trip in the hotel rooms, near the vehicles, other participants, and dining areas.