Yes, that dream too can come true. Come dream it with us, from February 10-20, 2023

Deep Space, Deep Hawaii

We are planning a tour to the big island. There are many reasons to visit the Big Island together. First of all there is that word: together. Joining together is wonderful, and experiencing wonders as a group even moreso. Hawai’i has long charmed both residents and visitors, and natural beauty responds positively to an alert, conscious set of admirers.

But there’s more, since this tour will feature a discussion of deep space by Dr. John Hagelin at the Mauna Kea Observatory Center, and a profound introduction to the roots of Hawaian culture, curated by MIU Emeritus Faculty member Lonnie Gamble.

Experience the authentic Hawai’i

About the plan…

It all started with a dream to see the stars – not the movie variety, but our distant, magnificent neighbors in the cosmic space where our planet resides. One of the best places on earth for sky-gazing is on the mountains of Hawai’i. MIU President Dr. John Hagelin will provide deep space insights that only a devoted astrophysicist can provide.


The Venue

We plan to stay at the Iole Stewardship Center, which is part of the Kohole Institute. There are many pricing levels for such housing. Your choice of where to stay  will affect your final cost.

Trip Itinerary

Dream with us

We have sketched out the plan, but stay in touch with us for the final schedule. For now check out what we have in place

To be alerted to developments on the Hawaii trip, or to express your interest in joining the tour, text “alohamiu” to 844-410-0396, or scan the QR code on the left with your smartphone camera.

Speaking of Hawai’i



For me the magic of Hawai’i comes from the stillness, the sea, the stars.

– Joann Harris

Mauna Kea photo by Anish Patel Thank you, Anish!