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Please join our Conscious Cruiser Club. Membership is required to participate in any of our travel programs.

To do is simple, but tiny, in that you need to read ALL the fine print below and then agree to it.

That will start the process and full membership in our fun-eligible group will commence when you receive our acceptance notification.

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Conscious Cruiser Application and Agreement

Conscious Cruiser Application and Agreement

Conscious Cruiser Application and Agreement

Maharishi International University (MIU) is very pleased to be able to offer to you a number of travel and learning options.

A most important element of the success of the program is your acknowledgement and firm commitment to the items set out in this Agreement. Also, in order to continue offering these programs, for financial and legal reasons we request that you also release the university from liability as provided in this Agreement.

I understand that I will be participating in travel and in-place options as described on the Consciousness.Cruises website.  In addition, I understand that the following provisions, which will promote my health and safety and the coherence of the group as a whole, are required. Therefore, as an express condition of participating in the course I, agree to:

  1. Dignified Behavior. Represent myself and Maharishi International University in a dignified manner. I will respect the local culture and customs and not act in a way that brings embarrassment to the group, the University, or related organizations.

  2. Punctuality. Be on time for meetings, departures, and classes, if any, for the comfort and coherence of the group, any provided instructors, and the MIU tour guide.

  3. Luggage. Take care of my own luggage and personal belongings, and not rely on the goodwill and strong backs of my fellow course participants. This means I will bring only luggage that I can carry by myself all at the same time.

  4. Health. Take care of my health by staying rested and following the food guidelines of the MIU tour guide. On certain trips (such as to India) I will be especially careful to drink only bottled water and eat cooked foods from hotels and restaurants specified by the MIU tour guide.

  5. Communication. Keep the MIU tour guide informed of any health concerns I may have, no matter how minor they may seem.

  6. Cooperation. Cooperate fully with the MIU tour guide to ensure a smooth and harmonious trip or on-location event.

  7. Return Plans. Return with the group at the end of the trip, unless I have made prior plans that were discussed with the MIU tour guide before the beginning of the event.

  8. Costs. Assume all costs not expressly included in the charges for the trip; these other costs include, but are not limited to, airport taxes, local tour guide and bus tips, medical care, emergency costs – including medical costs, and air, transport, lodging, meals, and other costs outside of the group schedule.

  9. Directions. Attend to the directions and requirements of the MIU tour guide at all times.

  10. Assumption of Risk. I agree to assume the risks to which I may be exposed as a consequence of my participation in this special program, including but not limited to loss or damage of property, injuries, illness, accidents and other health risks, and financial losses. I understand the University does not require me to participate in this program, but I want to do so, despite the possible dangers and risks and despite this agreement.

  11. Personal Responsibility. Certain activities may be planned and supervised by MIU tour guide and at other times I may be responsible for planning my own activities. During unsupervised periods, I understand and agree to be fully responsible for my own safety and appropriate behavior. When in MIU tour guide arranged activities, I agree to remain with the group at all times and be subject to the MIU tour guide’s direction. Should I fail to take such direction, I understand that I may be withdrawn from the program and be required to return to the University in Fairfield or to my home on my own and at my own cost and expense.

  12. Medical Treatment. I understand and agree that the University does not have medical personnel available at the locales of this trip and will not provide Medical Insurance. I understand and agree that the course leaders are granted permission to authorize emergency medical treatment, if necessary, and that such action shall be subject to the terms of the above Release and Agreement. I understand and agree that the University assumes no responsibility for any injury or damage which might arise out of or in connection with such authorized emergency medical treatment, and that I shall assume and bear responsibility for any cost, medical or otherwise, arising in connection with such medical treatments.

  13. Special Risks. Traveling in certain locales (e.g. – India) may present unique risks and dangers, including contaminated food and water, air pollution in large cities, and traffic hazards. I acknowledge that I am aware of no medical condition that would make it inappropriate or dangerous for me to participate in any of the travel and on-location events described at I agree to take the directions of the MIU tour guide or medical personnel for my care and treatment during the trip

  14. RELEASE. I agree to assume all risks associated with this trip and release the University, its faculty, staff, and agents from responsibility for said risks. In consideration for and in return for the services, facilities, and other assistance provided to me by the University in this activity, I release and agree to hold harmless the University and its governing board, officers, agents, volunteers, faculty, tutors, chaperones, and employees (hereafter “Releasees”) from any and all liability for any harm, injury, damage, claims, demands, actions, causes of actions, costs, and expenses which I or third parties may have or which may hereafter accrue to me or said third parties, arising out of or related to any loss, damage or injury that may be sustained by me or third parties or any property belonging to me or third parties whether caused by the negligence or carelessness of the Releasees, or otherwise, occurring in connection with this trip. It is my express intent that this Release shall bind members of my family and spouse, or any heirs, executors, administrators, and assignees, as well as myself. I am at least 18 years of age and fully competent to sign this Release.

I agree to all the above provisions.

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