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Travel with pure food, good friends and alertness

Consider what it would mean to travel where meditation time was part of the schedule, where you don’t have to sneak away from the group for a rushed TM Programtm, and where you don’t have to pick through a buffet line trying to find something to eat. Now you can enjoy the wonders of the world on your schedule and within the comfort of your healthy lifestyle.

Time to enjoy…

“We are travellers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.” – Paulo Coelho

So many dreamy options…

We are partnering with multiple agents and established tour services to bring you the choicest options from a wide variety of lovely ocean cruise, river cruise and on-land experiences. We are working closely with each provider to convey the special qualities and preferences of our select group. Such services and customized elements provide an unforgettably comfortable and divine experience.

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We want to be and see with you.